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Maro & Liam LIVE - Electro Lobster

We're proud and happy to announce Maro will be live on stage again at Electro Lobster Project this friday! 

Teamed up with Liam, she will be treating us to some seriously groovy tunes, so get ready to get your socks knocked off!  Going to be a night everyone will talk about for a long time, one you don't want to miss

friday, 16 january 2015 @  Electro Lobster Project,  Pjazza Balluta


Electro Lobster Project/Matthew Marshall




The Lord of the - Gozo Creative Theatre Club

The Gozo Creative Theatre Club’s latest production 
The Lord of the Flies
by Sir William Golding

In collaboration with the management of the “Teatru Astra”, the Gozo Creative Theatre Club will perform The Lord of the Flies by the playwright, poet and Nobel literature prize winner Sir William Golding on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the publication of this novel.

During an unnamed time of war, a plane carrying a group of British schoolboys is shot down over the Pacific. The pilot of the plane is killed, but many of the boys survive the crash and find themselves deserted on an uninhabited island where they struggle to develop their own society. The characters discover fire, craft tools, and form political and social systems in a process that recalls theories of the development of early man. The Lord of the Flies deals with various issues such as, the nature of evil, dehumanization of relationships and the loss of innocence. However the overarching theme is the conflict between the human impulse towards savagery and the rules of civilization which are designed to contain and minimize it. 

The Lord of the Flies had been adapted for stage by Nigel Williams for the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1996. This play is still popular to this very day as there is a continuing controversy surrounding the political message of the novel and its view of human nature.

This production will be directed by the Gozo Creative Theatre Club’s artistic director George Mizzi. The cast, made up of more than 20 actors, include Matthias Mercieca as Ralph, Andre' Refalo as Jack, John Psailia as Piggy, Dylan Attard as Roger and Sam Anthony Grima as Simon.

The Lord of the Flies will be staged at “Teatru Astra”, Victoria, Gozo on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th January 2015 at 8pm sharp. Entrance is at €5.00 each and tickets are available at the bar. The seating will be limited to 200 people and will be on a first come first served basis. Special shows for Forms 5 and 6 students will be held on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd January 2015, where two shows will be held at 9.00am and 11.30am on each day. The entrance fee for these shows will be at a special students rate of €2.00. 

An exhibition of Oil Paintings

Once upon a time, then more than twice within perception and then again  once upon the canvas, the artworks of Seyran Gasparyan embrace testimonies  of his life experience, the life he distinguishes or used to. They stage  scenes from folk tales, legends and myths, or  rom a peasant's, farmer's or  builder's position in everyday life.

What is fixed on the surface in Seyran's works is 'the atmosphere'. Colours  and shapes evoke figures suspended in their own right time and their own  worlds; you are able to perceive them wandering in their orbit; however,  they will not look at you directly in the eyes.

Seyran is an artist, who has a specific point of view, a worldview that is  generated from the values he was grown up with, and shaped within the  framework of a culture, which have a  lear definition of what is good and  what is bad - the Armenian culture.

In his artworks, we do not see a peasant, we see THE peasant. We do not see  a mother carrying her son, but rather we see THE mother carrying her son as  if he intends to depict the concept of motherhood; his inherited image and  concept of motherhood in this case.

The technique and the style he uses to express his story varies - it is not  persistent. By observing his works we notice traces of a cubist's, of a  fauvist's or (in his landscapes) of an impressionist's manners and modes.  He does not defend one style over the other; instead, he keeps on going  through them, and he employs them all with remarkable ability.

I would consider his approach similar to that of a constructor. By  constructing his time (making art) he constructs spaces inside his art,  brick by brick, line by line, stroke by stroke. You will not see an  inaccurate part in his pictures, neither unfinished nor bare sections in
those well-equilibrated compositions, in colour and in form. Once upon a  time, then more than twice within perception and then “constructed”
upon the canvas...

Tamar Hayduke
November 2014

Seyran Gasparyan was born on 23rd January 1956 in the region of Shirak.  His family moved to Yerevan when he was four. After finishing secondary  school, he served with the Soviet Army for several years in Czechoslovakia.  He later graduated from Terlemezyan Art College - Department of Pictorial  Art - in 1979 and from Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts and Theatre -  Department of Decorative and Applied Arts - in 1985. In 1998, he became a
member of the Artists' Union of Armenia.

Visit Seyran Gasparyan – An exhibition of oil paintings at SO Galerie, Triq Dun Karm, Iklin from Thursday 20 November 2014 till 31 January 2015.  Opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 10am till 1pm, and 4pm till 6pm, Friday till Sunday by appointment.

Contact Joseph S. Gauci for more info regarding the exhibition on, or (+356) 9942 4020.

Winter Salon 2014

As part of their ongoing projects and exhibitions, Studio 104 proudly announce their first ‘Salon’ style exhibition entitled ‘Winter Salon 2014’. The idea behind this exhibition is to invite a relatively large number of artists, and invite them to exhibit one or two works each at a fixed price and no gallery commission on sold works. This supports the artists to sell at their normal studio prices while giving them the opportunity to exhibit in a gallery in Valletta during the festive season. 

The artists were given total freedom with regards to subject matter portrayed in their artwork as no theme was set for this exhibition, thus aiming to have an eclectic outcome of styles and subjects from so many different artists.

Participating artists:

Mario Agius, Victor Agius, Arthur Aquilina, Hazel Ashley, Ray Axiaq, Gabriella Azzopardi, Maria Borg, Alex Cachia, Carl Caruana, Emmanuel Caruana, Mariz Cassar, Nathalie Debono,
Arthur Dutton, Henry Falzon, Louise Fenech, Francis Galea, Nicolette Galea, Lara Manara, Franco Navarro, Lara Pace, Mario Sammut, Darren Tanti, Maria Tonna & Lewis Wirth

Opening hours:
Wednesday & Thursday 16:00 - 19:00
Friday & Saturday 11:30 - 19:00

Studio 104, Fine Art Space, Valletta

Sky of Stars New Year's Eve Party

An amazing countdown in an outstanding venue with full topshelf open bar ALL NIGHT. 

Ticket outlets: 
- Terranova-Malta (The Point, Baystreet, Main Street, Embassy, St. Venera)
- Inspire Malta (Marsascala)
- eCABS 

Supported by eCABS, Stage Line Makeup Malta, Vibe FM

Line up:


This New Year's Eve make it as special as ever - Be part of the exclusive Sky of Stars New Year's Eve Party at the The Xara Lodge. 

VIP tickets: €70 - Topshelf open bar all night in an elevated area, including an indulgent treatment and finger food to make a complete night through.

More info, call or send an sms on +356 99805029

Follow event on facebook:
Promo video:
Tickets: €55 (BUY NOW:

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