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FLUX - exhibition of Artworks by Maltese Contemporary Artists

FLUX is a collective exhibition  of Artworks by  Young Maltese Contemporary Artists -  Part of the ongoing Studio 104 Collection

Victor Agius
Darren Tanti
Elisa Von Brockdorff

YMCAs are setting the standards for Maltese Contemporary Art

Exhibition Opening Hours:
Thursdays 1630hrs - 1900hrs
Fridays 1100hrs  - 1400hrs; 1630hrs - 1900hrs
Saturdays 1030hrs - 1400hrs

Presented by Studio 104, Fine Art Space, Valletta
Mobile : 9928 2806

The Other Door - What's wrong, Why not?

Exposing bodies, Uprooting routines, intertwined relationships, What's Wrong, Why Not....The very notions set by society are stripped to their core to expose The Other......this performance aims to establish alternative possibilities of the socio-cultural construct.

Within the concepts of gender and culture, it provides a fluid interpretation that analyses notions of ambiguity. Arguably, The Other has the potential to challenge the simplistic overview as being merely framed by male and female binaries. This piece explores the possibility that, when devoid of the social layering of constructed binaries, the body has the potential to reveal transcribed texts that are more deeply embodied, creating a fluid experiential body of ambiguity. 

Throughout the production, the body is considered to be an unfinished entity, constantly evolving to expose a new Other.

1st, 2nd, 3rd May 2015
Teatru Manoel  8..00pm

Lazy Pirate - Malta's Best Party Boat

Listed on one of the best parties in Europe.

Join Malta’s famous boat party on the wonderful turkish gulet “Fernandes 2.” 

Spend the evening with over 200 other fun seekers and drink from a full open bar stocked with liquor, wine, and beer! Music by the onboard DJ, and enjoy a moonlight swim in Comino.


Management has the right to refuse admission at the door.

Hard Rock Cafe gives a supporting hand to injured turtles

Representatives of Hard Rock Cafe Malta, this week gave a supporting hand to the rehabilitation of injured turtles in the Maltese islands – a project which is run by Nature Trust (Malta) .  At present there are four turtles under rehabilitation at San Lucjan tower in Marsaxlokk. Three of these were found recently injured close to the coast mainly having swallowed fishing line and hooks.

In the last months Hard Rock Cafe Malta, launched a campaign where part of the proceeds from a special collectable pin featuring a rockin-turtle pin were aimed at supporting the setting up of a new wildlife rehabilitation centre in Xrobb L-Ghagin. This centre will be providing more modern facilities for the rehabilitation of injured turtles and cetaceans found in the Maltese Islands as well as other local protected wildlife rescued such as hedgehogs, chameleons, bats, and other local mammals and reptiles.

Adolf Vella from Hard Rock Cafe Malta said that since inception Hard Rock had at heart our corporate social responsibility. SAVE THE PLANET is one of our core mottos which are deeply embedded in our global values. We recommend all our fans to follow The Wildlife Rescue Team guidance how to handle injured wildlife and report as indicated below. 

On behalf of Hard Rock Cafe Malta; in Bay Street, Malta Airport and Valletta Waterfront,we would like to thank Nature Trust (Malta) and all their volunteers for their efforts, while thank too all Hard Rock Cafe Malta customers and staff that participated in this campaign. We will proudly share our adoption certificates of both Ann and Roberto. This is Hard Rock!

The Executive President of Nature Trust (Malta) welcomed the great CSR initiative by Hard Rock and said that the funds will be going for turtle medication and to co-finance the rehabilitation centre project where the organisation would have to raise Eur 240,000 from the Eur 1.6 million partly coming from EU funding.  All the plans for the phase two of the Xrobb L-Ghagin Park project are now ready and a MEPA application will be placed in the coming weeks.  Mr Attard added that this will be a project with the support of the Malta Environment and Planning Authority – Environment Directorate which is aimed at the conservation of the Maltese islands biodiversity.  He encouraged other companied to follow the example and help out towards those wild animals that may be found on the Maltese Islands and often end up injured due to human activity.  NTM has also set up donation lines and has an emergency wildlife rescue number – 99999505.

Nature Trust (Malta) has a team of trained volunteers, all covered by MEPA permits to handle injured wildlife and rehabilitate them.  Over the last years turtles, hedgehogs and many other animals were released back to the wild with the support of Vets and the Malta aquaculture Centre in Marsaxlokk.

Hard Rock Afterdark 80s Rock Special

Announcing the First Hard Rock Afterdark - Live Concerts for 2015!

New talent to our line-up has been added while on popular demand some returned. The live performance will feature a mish-mash of local musicians and singers that will take us back in time for a musical journey to the 80’s.

The live performance will feature a mish-mash of local musicians and singers that will take us back in time for a musical journey to the 80’s. Artists featuring on the nights include members from bands like: Axel Borg – Purple Haze Malta, Josef Farrugia, Rikki Lee, Luke Grech - Funk Initiative and Relikc, Phililp Camilleri - Purple Haze, Melissa Caruana, David Cassar Torreggiani - SCAR, Darryl Portelli &Jeremy Xuereb-12th ode, David Baldacchino, Chris Grech - Twenty-Six Other-Worlds, Patrick J Camilleri Antoine Tonna and Sven Midensol - The Creepers - Vintage American Blues, Daryl Ebejer, Laurence Baldacchino and Henry Portelli - 12th Ode and Leo Stivala - Forsaken.

Colin Fitz will entertain the crowds with a pre and after-concert DJ mix. 

Expect some old favourites from bands/artists who featured prominently in the 80’s.

After the launch of Hard Rock Afterdark in January with the successful 90's Rock Special, Hard Rock Cafe Malta proudly unveil the second theme. This time dedicated to 80's Rock.

Hard Rock Cafe Malta hosts Hard Rock Afterdark - 80s Rock Special

Saturday 11th April, 2015
22:00 – Doors Open, 23:00 - Performance

Hard Rock Cafe Malta
Level 2, Bay Street Complex, St Julian`s

Euro 8 [Ages 17+]

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