Gozo Half Marathon 2013

The Gozo Half Marathon was organised for the first time in Xaghra, Gozo on the 6th of February, 1977.

The person who came up with the idea to organise such an event was Fr Anthony Refalo, who had experienced such an activity during his stay in Rome. Nowadays the Gozo Half Marathon is organised by a group of youths from the Xaghra Youth Centre.

The first Marathon was made up of only 35 competitors which were mainly made up of Xaghra youths. However, this number has increased dramatically with people from other villages participating, and nowadays even Maltese and foreign participants are taking part in this annual event, coming all the way to Gozo for the Gozo Half Marathon.

Trophy presentation for the 2km and 4km races starts at 11.00 am

Trophy presentation for the 8mile, 13.1mile and 13.1 MTB races starts at 11.30 am

Date is 28 April, 2013
All races start at 9.15 am


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