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Carnival celebrations at Laguna Walk, SmartCity Malta well-attended

On 8th February, SmartCity Malta hosted it’s first-ever Carnival celebrations at Laguna Walk, its vibrant hub in the south of Malta, in collaboration with the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, and Catermax. 

In spite of unfavourable weather conditions, the festivities were well-attended by both adults and children in their Carnival costumes. 

The winners of the Carnival Costume Competition were 1st prize winners, Faith Calleja as the Autumn Queen and Ganesse Abela as the Fire Goddess, and 3rd prize winner Zak Ellul as the Prince, who all won a commemorative trophy.

If you wish to stay updated about all future Laguna Walk events, please visit and ‘SmartCity News’ on Facebook. 

Homeland exhibition by Ray Axiaq

Axiaq’s passion for art began as a boy and never left. ‘Homeland’ is an exhibition of semi-abstract paintings that convert Axiaq’s innate artistic soul with his adult experiences. In this first time Solo Exhibition Axiaq explores and physically responds to the Maltese landscape with a collection of large scale semi-abstract, vibrant canvases.

The artist draws his inspiration from the natural patterns and man-made divisions of land that form the grids that map out the way we live and work the local terrain. Axiaq uses a variety of materials within the pictorial space that are tactile and symbolic of his former career and life in construction and land development. This diversity and understanding of the land haspromoted a natural and strong affinity, which enables his artistic career to propel and flourish. It is second nature for Axiaq to combine his artistic practice with his love of these familiar materials.

Axiaq’s affinity with the land pushes his vibrant, painterly landscapes toward…

The Flow Motion Experience

Where one gets to explore Delicious Food, The Art of Music and Dance in an interactive set of workshops which will run for two consecutive days. 

Package includes:

Food - A food buffet with a wide range of delicious healthy dishes all to nourish your Mind, Body and Spirit. 
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Music - A-cappella and Body Percussion Workshop.
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Dance - Flow Motion Dance Class.

Art - A Contemporary and Traditional Art Exhibition.

A two hour Musical Performance 
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Plus more! Everyone loves interactive surprises! 

Attendees will first be greeted in the main courtyard of the Malta Society of Arts Palazzo, then we will move through the interactive workshops which last an hour each.

Between each workshop we will have a short break, this gives time to have try some tasty food, view some live art and exhibitions or even join in the interactive surprises we have in store.

After the final and long break all guests will be treat…

The International Ballet Gala


Malta is to welcome some of the world's most famous ballet stars representing the leading Russian theatres:

Prima ballerina Anna Antonicheva and leading soloist Andrey Merkuriev (The Bolshoi Theatre-Moscow) , leading soloists Elizaveta Cheprasova and Sergey Manuilov (Stanislavsky Music Theatre of Opera and Ballet – Moscow), leading soloist Elena Evseeva amd principal dancer Evgeny Ivanchenko (Mariinsky Theatre – St.Petersburg), leading soloists Sabina Yapparova and Andrey Kasjanenko  (Mikhailovsky Theatre – St.Petersburg). 

Although ballet did not originate in Russia, the country contributed much to its development and today Russian ballet is renowned the world over. Russian ballet for many decades has been regarded as the barometer of classical dance: where it leads, others follow. While young girls all over the world long to become ballerinas, their dreams have been influenced by great Russian ballet dancers and wonderful Russian ballets that have enchanted …

A dreamy Valentine’s Day at SmartCity Malta

With its spectacularly choreographed fountains, beautiful promenade, grand steps and scenic terraced rooftops overlooking the lagoon, Laguna Walk at SmartCity Malta is in and of itself an exquisite venue. However, on 14th February, there will be an even more romantic ambience at Laguna Walk as the Food & Beverage area will be decorated in keeping with the special occasion. 
While the venue will be adorned with balloons, diners at Laguna Walk restaurants will also enjoy the lovely music of violinist, Val Montfort who will be playing at the different restaurants on the night. 

In addition to the free ample parking spaces available, visitors will be spoilt for choice as Laguna Walk offers a selection of indoor and outdoor dining experiences with food and beverages outlets who offer a variety of cuisines to tempt every palate. These include: Wejla by Tartarun, Chocafé, Bistro Ten-O-One, Laguna Restaurant, The Londoner Pub and Da Vinci.

Following a mouth-watering meal, diners can go for a…

Carnival Festivities at Laguna Walk, SmartCity Malta

SmartCity Malta will be hosting its first-ever Carnival celebrations at Laguna Walk, its vibrant hub in the south of Malta, on 8th February between 15:00hrs-22:00hrs. Following a variety of successful events held at Laguna Walk, once again, the venue will be opening its doors to the public for everyone to enjoy the exciting activities and vibrant atmosphere. 

Organised in collaboration with the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government and Catermax, the Carnival festivities at Laguna Walk will include a continuous fountain show, a  variety of food stalls, dance and choir performances, small Carnival floats, a costume competition and an all-round lively atmosphere. Visitors will undoubtedly also enjoy the Carnival parade which will take place between 15:00hrs and 18:00hrs. Adults and children alike are invited to attend the exciting event in their Carnival costumes and enjoy a truly unique family experience. 

Speaking about Laguna Walk’s first-ever Carnival celebrations, Anthony…