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Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis (Dramatic Monologues)

The Gozo Creative Theatre Club presents Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis (Dramatic Monologues)
In collaboration with the management of the “Teatru Astra” and the Gozo Culture and Information Office, the Gozo Creative Theatre Club will perform De Profundis by the author, playwright and poet Oscar Wilde as part of the 14th edition of Festival Mediterranea.

De Profundis was written during the last months of Wilde’s imprisonment for “unnatural practices,” or homosexuality. It takes the form of a 50,000 word open letter written to Lord Alfred Douglas, his erstwhile lover. It was first published in 1905, by an arrangement between Oscar Wilde and Robert Ross, who visited Wilde during his sentence and later became his literary executor.
De Profundis is an autobiographical attempt to understand the nature of Wilde’s own life and work. It reflects brilliantly on art, love, forgiveness, the significance of Christ and Wilde’s own character and failings. It details the history of a tumultuous relationship …

Discotech - every Saturday

Things really start kicking off this season at ELP!

An all night affair, lavished by top notch mixology and a wider selection of premium spirits than anywhere else on the island. Featuring Julian Drury as our resident DJ and special guests

Dale, Louie G, Swillmot & Golly P taking turns bringing their infectious sounds, heating up the crowd as soon as the stars come out.
Make your saturday a better day by booking one of our 5 Sofa Packages and enjoy the luxury of a relaxed sofa area to call your own, bottle service and a selection of temptingly tasty fingerfood.
To make your reservations, get in touch on 27357357, or send us a PM on Facebook!

Friday Night Project

Come and celebrate our late night license and experience our mantra “Eat, Listen, Play.”

Our Friday Night Project is a weekly event that features Malta’s finest DJ’s as residents and special guests!
Duncan F and Alex Thomson will be headlining the nights, supported by Golly P, Swillmot, Louie G and Dale.
Expect the unexpected. Impromptu performances, unannounced appearances and surprises that create a truly one of a kind experience every Friday night!

Dance into the early hours, while our exquisite cocktails, premium spirits and appetising plates & platters fuel the party.
Be a VIP on the night by reserving one of our 5 Sofa Packages and experience the splendour of private sofa seating, bottle service and a selection of mouthwatering finger food.
Are you looking for some privacy? Book your table at our restaurant and watch the action unfold from high above!
To book your place on our guest list, get in touch! 27357357,, or send us a PM on Facebook.
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