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Gigi D’Alessio - massive concert at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta

CMC Promotions are proud to present another sensational concert here in Malta! Visiting our islands to deliver his ‘grande successi’ we are pleased to announce the sounds of Gigi D’Alessio for a massive concert at the Mediterranean Conference Centre Valletta...

Gigi D'Alessio had ultimately embarked on his musical career back in the early 90’s, however this career bore it’s fruit after his participation in 'Sanremo', year 2000 edition, with his famous 'Non Dirgli Mai'. His popularity increased after being sought overseas, particularly in the United States of America & Canada. 

The beginning of Gigi D'Alessio's International success came with his single 'Un Cuore Malato', which he duetted with Belgian-Sicilian singer ‘Lara Fabian’. Gigi issued a Portughese and later a Brazilian version of this song which was duetted with pop singer ‘Wanessa Camargo’. Among the songs boosting Gigi D'Alessio's success and to perform live are 'Un Bacio Nuo…

'After Juliet' - The Gozo Creative Theatre Club’s latest production

'After Juliet' by Sharman Macdonald. In collaboration with the management of the “Teatru Astra”, the Gozo Creative Theatre Club will perform After Juliette penned by the Scottish playwright Sharman Macdonald.

In the immediate wake of the events in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, After Juliet focuses on the enforced truce which holds between the Capulets and the Montagues after the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Benvolio, Romeo's best friend, is in love with Rosaline, Juliet's cousin, but Rosaline is bent on revenge. The main question is whether history will repeat itself. This dramatic tale of the aftermath of tragedy illustrates how grief can turn into a quest for vengeance.

This production will be directed by the Gozo Creative Theatre Club’s artistic director George Mizzi. The cast, made up of more than 13 actors, include Rebecca Scerri as Roslaline, Matthias Mercieca as Benvolio, Anne Camilleri as Alice, Andre' Refalo as Valentine, Clara Sciberras as Bianca, Lau…

Here's Toby's first production of the year!

The brand new Remix of the original track by the young & talented singer Airy Jeanine from New Jersey, titled 'Do you' out on January 15 on the Kmina Entertainment label.

AIRY JEANINE, an amazing entertainer on the rise, is coming into prominence with her follow-up song Do You, the newest single on the Kmina Entertainment label. The announcement sets the stage for what is expected to be a breakout year for her

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AIRY JEANINE. Remember the name. The singer-songwriter/actress whose intrinsic talents have put her on a steady track toward stardom, returns to the spotlight with the release of her highly anticipated second single, “Do You”, for the Kmina Entertainment label.

On the heels of the success of her vibrant first release, “Mama’s Girl”, the entertainer is back. This time setting a sentimental mood, showing versatility, as she continues to evolve with new influences and inspirations. “Do You” will further connect w…

Gran Circo Zavatta soon in Gozo

An entertainment for all the family

Following its great success in Malta, Gran Circo Zavatta will soon move on to Rabat (Victoria) in Gozo, for their very first time ever to perform in Gozo.  The purpose for Gran Circo Zavatta to move on to and perform in Gozo came naturally by a general demand from several Gozitans themselves.

This is the oldest circus on earth celebrating its 200 years of history of this circus dynasty.  The production of this show in Gozo is in collaboration with Johann Said and Zavatta family.

Gran Circo Zavatta is well known for its special attractions that include many shows of champion artists such as participation of the most popular kids characters, clowns, balancing act, magic shows, cowboys and Indians knife throwing, fire eaters and the wheel of death.  The wheel of death is the main attraction of the show which consists of a large rotating apparatus on which performers carry out synchronized acrobatic skills.

Gran Circo Zavatta – The Show of Champions is sure…