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Music Fest in aid of Hospice Movement #sharethelove

A special music festival #Sharethelove in aid of Hospice Movement is being held in the coming days including live local bands and musicians. 

Its main aim is so that Hospice Movement will get more funds to enhance them helping more Maltese families undergoing special treatments.

Amongst the local artists Gaia will be taking part in this music festival, along with guitarist Wayne Camilleri, Cushion, and The Crickets.  As a main artist and special guest, #Sharethelove  will host Mitchell Brunings.

Born in Surinam, - a northern country of South America – and raised in The Netherlands, Mitchell Brunings had a plethora of musical influences from all over the world.  Reggae, bossanova, samba, soul, rhytm and blues, calypso, country, salsa, meringue, Surinam’s own traditional music called Kaseko, and a host of other styles have lent their authority to Bruning;s raspy and soulful music style.

In August 2013, Michell had the opportunity to participate in The Voice of Holland – the original which o…