Carmen - Flamenco and Contemporary Dance

It is my pleasure as Artistic Director of Moveo to officially announce our next production... 

For the first time, Moveo and Alegria Dance Company, in collaboration with Teatru Manoel, join forces to fuse Flamenco and Contemporary Dance to narrate this doomed romance. What better way to portray the distinct characters of the fiery Carmen and the delicate nature of Micaela but through these two contrasting styles of dance? 

Photo credit: Andrew Rizzo

...The work is a Contemporary and Flamenco Dance adaptation of Bizet's oeuvre CARMEN.

Carmen will be performed on the 3-4-5 February 2017 at Teatru Manoel at 8pm, all to live music. Tickets available from Tel:21246389

Best Regards and Season's Greetings,

Dorian Mallia
Artistic Director 
Moveo Dance Company 


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