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9 Parts of Desire

9 Parts of Desire project has three parts to it.

First part is the Play, bearing the same title.  The play speaks about 9 Iraqi women during the gulf war.  9 characters speaking to the audience in a series of monologues.  Some are funny but other are quite tragic.  The idea of the play is to celebrate life and the resilience or endurance of women in these situations, a positive message indeed, without eliminating the harsh nature of the situations these women find themselves in.  The play itself is very powerful and should not be missed.

Second part is that the crew are flying the playwright, Heather Raffo to Malta.  The US Embassy and the Malta Council for the Voluntary sector are helping them financially and logistically to see her here.  She is pretty much available to talk to the audience after the performance in a forum theatre style.  They would like to organize a seminar with her, by inviting associations and organizations involved with feminine issues to discuss these issues and the play issues with her. Most probably it will be held at St James Cavalier too or at the US Embassy; most probably Saturday 17th March morning.  Details to be confirmed.

Third part is an artistic exhibition.  They are trying to find 9 women living in Malta who are willing to share their story with them - stories to witness the violence women have experienced and how they survived.  A local artist Joanna Tabone will portray these women as naturally as possible through a series of photograph portraits.  If the women in question do not want to be identifiable then we will shoot in a more artistic manner to protect the identity by example shooting the shadow, or an object related to the story, etc…  They are in the process of identifying these women.

The exhibition will be installed in the theatre foyer at SJ CAV so that the audience walks through this corridor of local experience to reach the 9 characters on stage.  The portraits and the stories will be published on postcard size for the audience to take home and continue pondering upon.

Dates are from 16 till 18 March 2012
Venue at St James Theatre