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Plastic Dreams by Elisa Von Brockdorff

This is the first solo exhibition by Elisa Von Brockdorff, in which she presents her latest collection of photographic art. 

Every photo is cleverly staged creating a playful image that provokes anticipation and emotion. By placing everyday items in a precarious setting, Elisa puts us on guard and in turn reveals her own sense of humour.


Her youthful play of colour does not cease to exist in any of her art, softening what could be strong in menacing overtones. This is essentially her aim to create a visually pleasing image. Nature verses the man-made, sharp nails are painted yellow, the dark sky attempts to veil the brightly coloured houses on the beach. 

Sponsored by Bank of Valletta, TheSmartSkinClinic, Chemimart, Camilleri Wines, Kinnie, and Cisk Chill, The Malta Independent and Vamp magazine. 

For more information on the exhibition, Elisa, or how to buy artworks from this collection please call Lily on 20992488 or 

The gallery will also be open on Sundays from 11am till 1pm. 

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