R and J Forever - A Mash-Up Musical

Romeo and Juliet are arguably the ultimate couple – the two youngsters who gave their all for true love and paid the ultimate sacrifice. In the last 500 years since Shakespeare wrote the famous play about the star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet has been produced countless thousands of times and adapted in many wonderful ways.

Masquerade latest offering shows an updated interpretation of the classic piece in the form of an innovative mash-up musical in a modern-day setting. RnJ Forever shows how the story would have been told had it been written nowadays. Set in a modern-day Verona, we see Romeo, a local trouble-maker, fall in love with Juliet – a young celebrity that lives among all the other pretentious rich people on Capulet Hill.

Filled with pop culture references and tongue-in-cheek nods to the original text, this musical version of the forbidden love between a teenage dirt bag and an uptown girl consists of a mashed-up song list that is made up of a great variety of modern and classic songs. Audiences will be treated to such unlikely combinations as Adele and the Eurthymics, Billy Idol and Pink, Eminem and the Beatles, and many other musical treats all sung with gusto by the energetic cast of dynamic youngsters.

Written by Malcolm Galea Jack and the Beanstalk Aladdin and directed by Wesley Ellul Spring Awakening with musical arrangements and coaching by Roger Tirazona Simply Webber, and Choreography by Colette Caruana RnJ Forever promises a delectable theatrical treat that is not to be missed.


Rating is 12 years and over.

BOOKING NOW OPEN from www.ticketline.com.mt

Dates are March 17 at 8pm until March 25 at 8pm
Venue at MITP, University of Malta