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A unique Easter experience by Heritage Malta

Holy Week brings with it a number of events and productions held all over the islands, however the events being prepared this year by Heritage Malta are definitely of a unique nature and which should undoubtedly attract all those who hold to heart culture, the performing arts and history.

This year, Heritage Malta will in fact be organizing two unique and exclusive events. The first part will be held at the Inquisitor Palace in Birgu on the 24 and the 25 of March, 2012 and will consist of a live re-enactment by actors of the Last Supper  according to the traditions Jewish rites of the time. The second part will be an interactive street-theatre performance of the Passion of Jesus Christ in the landscape between the Neolithic Temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra.

Notwithstanding the fact that many exhibitions are held with the same theme, the Last Supper at the Inquisitor Palace, is a dramatized experience of the events that took place on the eve of the passion of Jesus in a unique location. Besides, those who attend will have the possibility of visiting the palace itself particularly the rooms dedicated to the Maltese Easter traditions.  Great attention has been paid to details with regards to the way in which such suppers were held in the time of Jesus.

One week later, on the 31 March and the 1 April, the second of the two activities will take place, that is the dramatized version of the Passion of Jesus Christ in Hagar Qim. The landscape between Hagar Qim and Mnajdra will be replacing the streets of Jerusalem on that historical night and the audience will become part of the drama. During Malta Neolithic the landscape here captivated the island inhabitants who chose it as the setting for their rituals. This Easter Heritage Malta is inviting you to rediscover and be captivated by this beautiful landscape.

Starting from Hagar Qim Temples, the audience will be guided through the main stages of the passion of Jesus, leading to the crucifixion. A number of historical and natural spots will serve as backdrops to the scenes and monologues which bring the events to the audience in a realistic and personal manner. The play presents the passion of Jesus Christ in such a way as to make the audience feel and experience the happenings on that day in Jerusalem. 

The way we are presenting the play is intended to make those who attend feel as if they were part of the crowd witnessing the last two days in the life of Jesus prior to his resurrection. It is for this reason that we have not made any use of amplification throughout the walk - commented director Alan Fenech who is also playing Jesus. 

The cast includes a number of established actors whose faces are familiar to those who love following local theatre and television productions. In the main roles one can find actors of the likes of Zep Camilleri as the narrator, Triccas as Jacob, Anthony Ellul as Pontius Pilate, Michelle Zerafa as Mary Magdalene, Moira Muscat as the Blessed Virgin, Renato Dimech as James, Mario Micallef  as Simon Peter, Andy Catania as Judas Iscariot, Marco Grech as Natahniel, Sean Buhagiar as John, Ivan Debattista as Simon of Cirene, Sarah Camilleri, Roberta Briffa, Gabriella Borg and Simone Debattista as pilgrims, Tony Fenech as Caiaphas and Alfred Mizzi as Annas. Having such a cast of actors is a guarantee of a very high quality production. The audience will have the chance to see the artists they admire perform very close to them and this adds to the atmosphere which is already very unique due to the costumes and the setting - continued Alan. 

Tickets for the two events are priced at an incredible 12 euros and include entry to the two sites and the two events. The number of tickets is limited and therefore those who intend to attend should purchase their tickets as soon as possible from any one of the museums and sites managed by Heritage Malta. 

For more information do not hesitate to call on 23954239 between 7.30am and 4pm or send an email on