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Modern Songlines of Walkabout

Walkabout is a kind of rite that Australian aboriginal males do in order to reach maturity. They go out in the wilderness for days and sing song lines which lead them over the miles.  Equinox Trio will be taking you through a series of Australian and Maltese compositions on Friday 4 May, 8pm at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta.

The programme opens with Dream Tracks. Since 1988 Peter Sculthorpe wrote a series of works inspired by Kakadu National Park, in the north of Australia.  Some of these works have melodic material in common, the contours of each line usually being transformed in some way, both within pieces and in successive pieces.  Sculthorpe has come to regard these melodies as songlines or dreaming tracks.  The second trio on the programme is Trio New York by Charles Camilleri.  In 1971, Camilleri embarked on a series of chamber works amongst which was this Trio which was left unfinished.  The composer recalls how during a visit to New York in 1998, the energy and hustle and bustle of the City reminded him of the Trio which was eventually brought back to life.  Four Miniatures by Richard Mills brings the first half of the programme to an end. The opening gestures of this work contain all the elements of harmony and melody which form the textures of the later movements.  

Etnika Suite by Ruben Zahra was originally composed for the Etnika project concerning the revival of Maltese traditional instruments. The original instrumentation of these pieces within the Etnika project in 2000 was flute, clarinet, violin, guitar, accordion, piano, tuba and percussion. The music has been since arranged for various formations and ensembles and shall be premiered in this new version by the Equinox Trio. Rive by Australian composer Douglas Knehans will bring this exciting performance to an end. rive literally means a ripping or tearing apart.  When the Verdehr Trio visited Tasmania in 2001 they were taken with the severity of such primal ripping and tearing as expressed in the feeding habits of the Tasmanian Devil. This work represents somewhat of a departure from previous works of Knehans in its immediacy of expression and clarity, even its traditionalism in many ways.

Equinox Trio features clarinettist Lino Pirotta, violinist Tatjana Chircop and pianist Tricia Dawn Williams. 

This recital is supported by the Australian High Commission in Malta.  Tickets at €10 can be bought from St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta.  Call on 2122 3200 or email or book online: