The Myth - latest single ‘Tonight

DANGER – Malcolm Pisani New Single

After a year break from single launching, Malcolm is back on track with a DANGERous event, a description which evidently highlights his new track title.  His seventh single will be launched on Friday 1 June 2012 at BJs Club, Paceville, a single which will be different to the singer previous singles, in terms of genre.

The brand new track is composed by Siconix in collaboration with Malcolm, and penned by Billy J.  The single launching event is going to be a highly outstanding one, during which Malcolm will be singing all the singles he has launched throughout the past five years, and last and not least, his new single will be heard for the first time.  The red carpet event will be welcoming the guests strictly by invitation.

Finally, Malcolm would like to thank all his official sponsors, especially those who have lately chosen to invest in Malcolm musical talents and further support him in his career all the way through the upcoming years.

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