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Tribali new album – THE TRAVELLER

Tribali launched their much anticipated album entitled - The Traveller at Medasia. This is the third album from the world music band . The 13 track album promises to be a continuation, or rather an evolvement of their previous works which have been incredibly received both locally and foreign territories. Whilst retaining their typical sound with the use of instruments now synonymous with Tribali such as the Sitar, Didgeridoo, morchunga and percussions the Traveller also includes the hang, nylon and 12 string guitars, trumpet as well as the evident  use of more vocals in their tracks.

Tribali said - The Traveller is probably harmonically richer than the previous albums as we stirred away from the mono-tonal constraints giving us more room to develop our song writing. We also made use of other genres crossing over to world music giving us more freedom of expression and avoiding the pigeon hole screening the labels enjoy so much. Infact this album has a crossover of incorporated styles such as psychadelic , dub reggae and Ska, Flamenco, Folk , chill out moods and up tempo grooves which all seem to have been natural transitions for Tribali sound in the world music genre.

The album was produced by Howard Keith at Jagged House studios who was also responsible for the production of their previous 2 albums.  We have  worked hard to capture Tribali Live sound with more use of drums rather than layers of percussions. Every element recorded is Live and  probably this gives it more of an organic sound - added Howard Keith.

Just back after their successful performances in Australia where the band were invited for the third time at Bluesfest, Tribali seem very eager  to have their music distributed world wide. Jagged house, their management company announced that The Traveller will be available from over 70 different digital portals including I tunes, Spotify, Napster and many more. We have scheduled different releases in different territories and excluded some purposely as part of our strategy with our foreign UK partners. We are happy to announce to have signed a very good deal a few months ago with a number of partners including Sony UK publishing for all our Jagged House artists. The first release will be Tribali followed by all the artists to be effected by the end of summer. - added Howard Keith. The digital release of The Traveller will be available worldwide excluding Europe apart from Malta and Italy as from Friday 18 May 2012. This will also coincide with a compilation album entitled Festa which includes the best of their previous 2 albums to introduce Tribali on a broader scale .This will be released worldwide digitally and followed by a physical release  by mid July . The physical release of The Traveller will be available worldwide on the 29 September 2012 giving enough time to have the album reviewed before going on sale alongside other strategies we have planned out.

The Traveller will be sold at 15.99 Euro as a Digi Pack audio CD from numerous retail outlets, 9.99 Euro as full track download and 1.29 Euro for single track downloads. The album will be on sale as from today and can be found in the following outlets - Exotique, DAmato, Why Not, Le Bureau Stationary, Davide Zenti, Yoanna Boutique 4 Angels, DDD gift shop, Bali Stuff, Knight Music, Euro Institute, Band Aid, Medasia, Rabat Kiosk, Olimpus, Zion, Hope Green, Eros Stationary and Jagged house. Online purchases can be made from tomorrow from I Tunes Malta, and numerous digital portals.

Tribali have also announced that they will be doing a massive concert at the National Park on the 29 June 2012 where the band will be performing tracks from the new album as well as some past favourites. This is a concert not to be missed and will surely attract a large audience also synonymous with Tribali. Details of the concert will be given shortly when the promotion will kick off end of this month.