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LARVA Afternoon Pool Party

After such a great launch of Larva Clubbing last April, we are now back with our second. clubbing appointment with you, the event you have been all waiting for, the venue without precedent - LARVA Afternoon Pool Party

Yes, we are excited as much as you are for this pool party event, where we can all together share the same vibe which our islands should be second to none.  We promise the cool and groovy vibes that one expects from such venue event.

Needless to say, such achievement can only be successful through the hard work of dedicated promoters, ensuring the combination of venue, dj line-up and organization exceeds the crowds expectation, i.e. YOURS.

The chosen venue, ARIA, promises to what is expected to be the pool party of summer 2012, alongside a very dedicated line-up of DJs, with the tastes of Claytonsane, Adrian Lauri, Neville, Jeffreaks and Arianpolz. This is not all. We have decided to invite over the international guest DJ and record label owner CR3S Criminal R3cords - Italia who has rocked the dance-floor at our launch event with his undisputed set last April.

Make sure to reach the limited invites, entitling holder and guest the FREE entry to this exclusive POOL PARTY see below further details where you can interact with society more freely outside the bounds of identity and everyday convention, this is LARVA, where you can be YOURSELF.

Date is Friday 29th June 2012 - Public Holiday
Venue at ARIA - Iklin formerly Stitch Club
Time from14.00 to 22.00
FREE entry with invite from 14.00 to 16.00, 5 euros thereafter

DJS Resident Claytonsane
Special International Guest DJ CR3S Criminal R3cords - Italia
Guests are Adrian Lauri, Neville, Jeffreaks and Arianpolz

More information on 9947 3317 or 9945 8227 or leave a message to our group page for more info. >