Raw Musical Expression

Simon Vella and Mark Rapa collaboration is all about a common desire to interpret music from a wide spectrum of influences in a raw and acoustic way that appeals to mainstream audiences.

Mark - despite being self-taught - has an uncanny ability to mimic techniques of many different styles on the nylon string guitar. He has been entertaining for the last 15 years, primarily as a soloist, with a unique and ever-changing repertoire which is a mix of original compositions and well known classical, Spanish and popular pieces. Meanwhile, having studied classical and jazz music, Simon has gained a reputation for introducing the violin into a number of contemporary musical styles, including a number of award-winning projects. Recently, he has worked with Chasing Pandora, Sixth Simfoni, Skarlet, Red Electrick and Fellowfish, apart from releasing his second solo album “Unspoken : Sounds From Within". Despite his classical upbringing, Simon’s expression through the violin is quite unconventional and throughout the years has evolved into a unique way of displaying his technical ability and artistic improvisation.

Put these two experienced musicians together and you get Mark's curious mix of musical innocence and adaptability coupled with Simon's distinct mix of musical knowledge and innovation. The result is a raw, 'less-is-more' , acoustic set based on instantly recognizable melodies from various genres, complemented by a wide array of rhythms and grooves. Both artists emphasize on balancing technical elements with a free musical approach.

Throughout this concert Mark and Simon will be playing a number of original songs, selected pieces from contemporary composers such as Mason Williams, Rodrigo Y Gabriela , Sting and Led Zeppelin; adaptations of popular classical compositions from Bach, Lloyd Webber and Astor Piazzola and jazz numbers from Chick Corea and José Feliciano amongst others. A number of talented guest musicians including percussionist Dru Mayer, Cellist Philip Zammit and vocalist Petra Micallef will also be featuring.

 Tickets can be bought online from www.sjcav.org

Dates are 9 and 10 June, 2012
Time from 8pm
Venue at St James Cavalier, Music Room