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Ghaxaq Music Festival 2012

Free Music Festival in aid of Puttinu Cares.

St. Mary Band Club of Ghaxaq is striving to become one of the most outstanding references in celebrating events which are increasing in popularity each and every year.

This year, thanks to an overwhelming number of sponsors the organizers will be organizing a 2 day Music Festival on the 6 and 7 of August 2012 at Ghaxaq Grounds on a national scale, with both concerts are free of charge.

6 August 2012 – Tribali Live in Concert

This year the Ghaxaq Music Festival will kick off with one of Malta’s top Bands TRIBALI with a Mega live concert at Ghaxaq Grounds. Tribali have played all around the globe and this year it has already played in Ta Qali for the launching of their third album THE TRAVELLER. The Traveller includes the use of instruments - such as the sitar, didgeridoo, electric guitars and morchunga – that are today synonymous with Tribali. New instruments have also been introduced and the tracks feature the use of the hang, nylon and 12-string guitars, trumpet and synth and make more use of vocals than before.

After the great success of the Ta Qali concert, Tribali will be heading South for the first time with a Full live concert in hal-Ghaxaq for this year Ghaxaq Music Festival. Tribali will be playing all their classics from their three albums including their recently launched , The Traveller. A full show including Fire Dancers, Fireworks and other surprises, are all on the menu.

The eclectic musical influences of the band include amongst others, world music, reggae, pop, rock, classical and jazz of which they channel into their unique sound. Their diverse use of instruments embraces percussion, flute, didgeridoo and sitar to name a few, whilst the accompanying vocals complete the whole sonic vibe. A powerful stage presence is further energized by their use of visuals thus dramatically stimulating the audience
Since their debut release, Tribali have played alongside numerous international acts namely Moby, Prodigy, The Wailers, Ziggy Marley, The Specials, John Butler, Wolf Mother, G3, Crowded House and many more.

MTV official warm-up Dj, Pierre Cordina will be warming up the crowd before Tribali and Carl Bee will will be clubbing the ground with a dj set after the concert.

This concert will be free of charge, but the public will be asked to give a donation on entrance for Puttinu Cares.

7 August 2012 – Smokie Live in Concert                  

The internationally successful British pop group Smokie will be performing a Live Concert at the Ghaxaq Grounds on Tuesday 7 August, 2012.

The band is coming in full gear with all their equipment, to give one of the best shows on our island. The crew will include light and sound engineers, front of house, technical engineers and road crew.
This is an opportunity that all Maltese surely cannot miss.

Top local artists will open up, this much awaited concert.

Once again, since the concert is free of charge, the public will be asked to give a donation on entrance for Puttinu Cares.

With chart-topping hits like Living Next Door to Alice, Lay Back in the Arms of Someone and If You Think You Know How to Love Me, and constant tours of the UK and Europe, Smokie is one of the most popular bands in the world today.

Look at the Guinness Book of Hit Singles and you could be forgiven for thinking Smokie’s success story was a 1970s phenomenon. After all, 11 of their 14 British hits came in that eventful musical decade. However, their massive success story has continued to flourish around the globe including Scandinavia, South Africa, Germany and even China. Smokie are a band which has sold out tours and gained platinum records in four decades – the 70s, 80s, 90s and the present day.

Dates are 6 and 7 August 2012
Venue at Ghaxaq Grounds