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The King and I – A story in Dub by Woody Aki

All tensed up.  In the bubble and the bounce. And the leap and de weight drop - Linton Kwesi Johnson, 'Bass Culture' – 1980.

Around 1984, respected Maltese radio DJ Eric Montfort used to drop a track in his news segment to the cult Radio Malta show 'L-Alternattiva' which avid listener Woody Aki used to turn up, much to his granny's chagrin.

"I used to curse and swear, screaming for Eric to shut the hell up so that I can listen to this track, whilst pressing my ear against the Rediffusion because the damn thing was so low. Having said that, its 6 inch speaker carried the warmth of the bass and the scattershot echoes beautifully. To this very day neither he nor I can remember the name of this track, although I suspect it was by Jah Shaka..."

28 years and hundreds of collected gems later, Woody finally gets the opportunity to share his extensive Dub collection from the 70's and 80s for the first time ever in a one-off night at Zion's Yard, Marsascala on Friday the 3rd. of August 2012, showing to one and all the very roots of what is termed and taken for granted as the Remix. Taken eons away from it's predictable, heavily diluted and abused present elements, Woody's set will travel back in time where mixing on the fly and Roland Space Echo units were the tools of the trade in Jamaica, as opposed to automation, Ableton Live and plugins.

"Some of these tracks were found in bargain bins and various other flea markets in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Manchester, London, Berlin, Barcelona and Valletta, whilst most of them are CD reissues that I always keep an eye on, as they become collector items themselves. It can be an expensive hobby, but I personally blame the bloke in my hometown of Qormi in his beaten up 60s Peugeot blaring out a sweet smelling odour whilst Peter Tosh played by the playing ground. I started playing football less and took up the bass guitar instead".

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Entrance is 2 euros

Date is Friday, 13 August, 2012
Time at 8pm
Venue at Zion Reggae Bar, Marsascala