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MADC Shakespeare back home

The MADC is thrilled to announce that its annual Shakespeare production will be taking place this summer after all and will be returning to its traditional setting, the beautiful San Anton Gardens.

The MADC have been staging open air Shakespeare productions at San Anton Gardens since 1938, only stopping for a few years due to the second world war. 

Unfortunately, a few years back the rental fee of the gardens shot up and it therefore became unfeasible to host the production in its traditional venue – but now, following intervention from APAP, the Association for the Performing Arts Practitioners, namely its chairman, Edward Mercieca, and assistance from the Ministry of Culture, in particular the Honorable Minister Mario Demarco, this well-loved part of the MADC season is now returning to its original venue.

It is with great joy that MADC can announce that come July the club will revive this 75 year old tradition, returning to its home at San Anton Garden’s with The Winter's Tale directed by Polly March.

As the oldest active Drama Club in Malta, MADC is proud that it continues to perform the works of the greatest writer of the English language, in his native tongue for theatre lovers in Malta.  Other European countries have had to translate these plays for their wider appreciation.  Along with the UK, Malta must be the only European country producing the works of the Bard in English on a yearly basis, and played out in this idyllic wooded crescent built in 17th century.

As an amateur Club, MADC devotes all it energy and resources to the production of a broad cross section of theatrical works. Revenue generated from the more popular productions like the annual MADC Pantomime at Ta Qali, is reinvested in other loss making performances like Shakespeare at San Anton. Staging an outdoor production is always very expensive compared to being in a theatre.

With costs constantly soaring plus a positive increase in cultural activities in Malta, it is the unstinting dedication and drive of the active members of the Club that have kept MADC alive, a legacy inherited from the founders in 1910 and furthered by subsequent Maltese management Committees. It is the same spirit that made MADC the spring board for so many successful actors and directors on the local stage.

This year production of Shakespeare at San Anton Gardens that will run between the 25th and 29th July 2012, promises to be an interesting one, not to be missed

Tickets at 18 euro will be available on-line at or by phone on 79796232. There is a discount of 5 euros for children and students. 

Further details are available at

Dates are from 25 till 29 July, 2012
Venue at San Anton Gardens