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Red Pig Flower
Red Pig Flower is a London and Berlin based DJ, producer and artist. Starting off her career as a professional DJ at Club Rooty (Tokyo) and Air (Seoul), she became noted for her impressive yet sizzling tribal beat style. From 2009, she started making a name for herself both as a guest DJ and organiser, working with artists such as House Rules (Korea) and Capsule, Hico and Towa Tei (Japan), where her skills at making clubbers hearts racing with tribal beats and cooling the steam off with upbeat Techno sets came to the fore.

Woody Aki

Woody Aki is a self-confessed Idiot Savant who has masqueraded over many years as a music journalist, historian, DJ, producer, artiste or a bass player. Born in Melbourne, Australia, and raised in Malta, his wide musical influences are spread over a large canvas coloured by 1970’s Dub Reggae, Punk, Disco, New Wave and beyond. Now based in Cambridge (UK), Woody periodically releases the odd electronic track, releasing his first track after a 5-year hiatus together with Demarkus Lewis on the Batti Batti label back in 2010.

Owen Jay

With 17 years of DJing experience behind him, Owen Jay is no beginner to the underground scene. Based in Malta, he runs the Batti Batti label (, whilst his music has also been released on Underground Quality 036 (Memories of You EP) and Housewax 01 (Spank). Out soon is the first Batti Batti vinyl.

You may check out Owen Jay on his bi-monthly Batti Batti live webcast at on Mondays 18.00-20.00 GMT. Most of these shows are available for download at

Nicky Slim

Maltese DJ Nicky Scicluna started off experimenting with various styles of music at the early age of 17 but has always been focused on a particular feeling in a track which led him into adopting to a soulful unique form of House music. At the age of nineteen, bored with the same old local club scene, he and two friends began organizing the much loved Perpendicular events.

Admissions are -
8 euro Special presale tickets & Mix CD - only 50 Available
10 euro presale
15 euro from the door

Date is Saturday, 4 August, 2012
Time at 10pm
Venue at Buskett Roadhouse