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Sigra tad-Demm

Theatre Drama on Two families with One story.

“Diga tlift wiehed, mhux ha nerga’ nitlef iehor…”

Two families... One story. Helen Stringer, mother to Isabelle Stringer, is a wealthy and religious woman with high values and old fashioned ways.

As Isabelle gets pregnant at the age of fifteen, Helen, being a woman of religious beliefs, enrages and gives the baby away, thinking that she is saving her daughter’s soul from “The Devil’s Child”. As punishment, Helen also revokes her daughter’s inheritance rights, leaving Isabelle with nothing, except for her grief and the pain over losing her child.

As the years passed by, Isabelle married Michael Gouder, father to her long lost son, who then gave birth to their daughter May and to their youngest Daniel.

On the other hand, Pierre Degabriele is a wealthy and ruthless businessman of American origin, husband to Grace Degabriele, father to Jake (Jacob to Grace) and the spoiled self-centred, non-identical twins Vanessa and Valeria, who always pick on and bully others, especially their maid Jacqueline.

Grace Degabriele was once a waitress who struggled her way through life. After seducing Pierre with her charms and gorgeous body, Grace married her way to the top and is now one of the most envied women in the country. She raised her twin daughters Vanessa and Valeria to be bossy, controlling and demanding just like her; however, she has a deep affection for her first son Jake.

As the years went by, Pierre’s love for Grace turned into indifference, and he only stayed with her because of their shared love for their son Jake. Despite their title and unlimited financial status, all the Degabrieles are unhappy and resent each other.

Unaware of each other, both families are connected…and all Hell is about to break lose when Isabelle discovers that her son Daniel is suffering from a terminal illness…one which Michael battled and survived years ago…

Sigra tad-Demm is a play which is rich in style. It is a play intertwined by surprises from beginning to end. Although it has a humouristic grip which holds your attention and almost leads you to believe that this is a relaxing play, it starts to slowly introduce the problems of life which may not have a solution. 

The script was aptly written by Justin Grech, Janine Caruana and Simone Alamango.  This performance is being produced by imagin-Arts Drama Group and directed by Ivan De Battista.

It is going to be held at MITP theatre, Valletta, on Friday 6th July and Saturday 7th July, starting at 8pm on both days. Tickets at the door.