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Sliema Clean Up the Beach Day

On the first edition on 23 June we gathered 45 kilos of cigarettes buts only.

Now we want to repeat the success, you can make a positive change and save the Maltese sea ecosystem.  Just one little move can make a huge change.

Lets multiply the hands and clean 3 beaches in Sliema on Saturday, 1 hour of your time can save hundreds of fish and the other marine.

Cigarette butts contaminating the marine life. Once it enters the ocean, marine sea fish, coral, and other marine life is exposed to carcinogens. These pollutants suffocate life and easily destroys the precious and rich Maltese sea ecosystem.

Make the change you want to be in the world.

We are meeting in front of Il-Fortizza at 6pm on Saturday 28th July 2012.

The council will provide plastic gloves and bags for you.

If you cannot find the place, please phone me up on that day on 77257702.

For other cleanings, please contact (This is Rubbish!):

Date is Saturday, 28 July 2012
Time at 6pm