Xtreme Metal Assault 2012

The Extreme Metal Assault 2012 summer festival.

15 bands shall play 35 minutes alternatively on 2 stages, so that means 9 hours of non-stop live metal mayhem.

Diana from www.gorygoth.com will be taking care of the merch stand and will also have her own stuff for sale. Michael (Adonis arts) will be setting up his stand with peronalised glass engravings including band logos and event logo.  First aid will be available during the event.  Transport is available through gejxa garage after the event, at 2.30am of Sun 15th Jul, and by separate payment directly to van drivers.

Event t-shirts will be for sale with XMA logo and year on front and participating bands on back. Price - 6eur.

More information on www.xtrememetalassault.com where you can find event info and also bio and videos of each participating band. Thanks go to Oliver Grech who is sponsoring this site through his one man Symphonic Black Metal project named Sandmist.

Allrock is the official radio station for the Xtreme Metal Assault 2012. Follow radio shows on www.allrockmalta.com

40 event t-shirts will be given free to the first 40 who enter event.

Confirmed bands -

26 OTHER WORLDS (www.26ow.com)
ACHIRAL (www.achiralmalta.com)
ANGELCRYPT (www.angelcrypt.com/)
BEHEADED (www.myspace.com/beheadedmt)
CARNIVOROUS HORDE (www.facebook.com/carnivoroushorde)
DAWN OF ANGUISH (www.myspace.com/dawnofanguish)
INDIGO DARKPSYCH (www.myspace.com/indigodarkpsych)
INSURGENCE (www.insurgencemalta.com )
LOATHE (www.loatheonline.com)
MARTYRIUM (www.myspace.com/martyriummlt)
NOMAD SON (www.myspace.com/nomadson)
OBLIQUE VISIONS (www.obliquevisions.com)
RUIN (www.myspace.com/ruinmalta )
THRASHACRE (www.myspace.com/thrashacre)
WEEPING SILENCE (www.weepingsilence.com)
X-VANDALS (www.myspace.com/xvandals)

Date is 14 July, 2012
Venue at Buskett Roadhouse
Doors open at 4pm, 1st band 5pm
Entrance is 15 euros