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89.7 BAY Tops the BA Survey

89.7 BAY Tops the BA Survey with a 6% increase in audience share.

89.7 Bay has been confirmed the most popular station in the Maltese islands by the Broadcasting Authority and Media Warehouse whose regular surveys were made public this week.

The results from the BA Survey for the period April-June 2012 showed 89.7 Bay as being the favourite station with 22.12 per cent of listenership or 35,496 of the listening population. The figures show that 89.7Bay has come first all age groups between 12-49 years and has over 50 per cent of all listeners between the ages of 12 and 29. 

Bay came first in all districts in Malta bar Gozo.   Its audience share is up by 6 per cent to 16.95 with its reach up 5 per cent to 22.12 per cent.