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Heartfelt thanks from Ohloq Tbissima marathon

Fr Louis Mallia mssp, Regional Superior of the Missionary Society of St. Paul (MSSP), Director of CAM Productions international (Cpi) and Centru Animazzjoni Missjunarja (CAM), together with the organisers of the Ohloq Tbissima marathon, would like to thank all the CAM and CPi volunteers who worked  hard to make this year marathon yet another wonderful experience of peace and altruism.

Heartfelt thanks also goes to all who in one way or another contributed to this cause. Heartfelt thanks to President Dr George Abela, Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi, Opposition Leader Dr Joseph Muscat,  Ministers and Members of Parliament for their participation and support. A big thank-you also to Tonio Fenech, Minister of Finance, Economy and Investment for the sum donated from the Good Causes Fund. Thanks also to local television and radio stations, online media, local newspapers and all the sponsors, presenters, personalities, singers, dancers and others. 

Heartfelt thanks also to the many generous people who have understood this missionary work and gave their contribution without expecting anything in return, thus helping in collecting 183,441 euros. Telephone lines will remain open until 15th August 2012 and therefore the final sum collected will be announced in mid-August. The money collected will help MSSP priests carry on with their missionary work at St Joseph Home in St.  Venera and for Evangelisation through the media and also in Peru, Pakistan and the Philippines.
Surely, the work that will be carried out with the money collected will help give all those who benefit the dignity and love they deserve.

Until 15th August 2012, anyone still wishing to give a donation may phone on:

10euro                51602004
15euro                51702007
25euro                51802009
SMS 4.66euro    50618099