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Qormi Wine Festival

Qormi renowned annual wine festival is back for the seventh consecutive year, bringing to the fore a wide selection of red, white and rose’ wines all produced by local producers Marsovin. Qormi has been long linked to wine and the traditional wine bars, most of which unfortunately have now made way to modern establishments. Yet, Citta Pinto, besides its popular bread-making culture used to be sought for its then-popular wine-making and the serving of house-wine in humble bars.

The Qormi Wine Festival seeks to recreate tradition in a bubbly merry contemporary feeling that undoubtedly wine brings with it. As has become customary, this year’s Qormi Wine Festival will again transform the quaint picturesque town centre into a festive celebration during the Friday 31st August and Saturday 1st September, from 8pm to midnight, with last wine-servings at 11.30pm.

Main Street in Qormi will be set up with several wine and traditional food stands, in a typical festa atmosphere under the watchful eye of the dominating St George’s Parish Church that serves as a natural backdrop.

The wine festival is now fast establishing itself as an annual activity, turning more popular year after year. Last year’s edition in fact mobilised hundreds of patrons who thronged to the winding character-full streets in the town’s core, with many tourists visiting Qormi specifically for this event commenting favourably on the unique celebratory atmosphere that fills the streets while one savours the very essence of Maltese traditions.

For besides, local food and local wine, the festival is rendered more authentic with the participation of local artistes, bands, groups, and Folk groups that will be performing on three separate stages along the festival area. These include Mro. Mark Spiteri Lucas and band, Christian Arding and band and  Mro. Vinny Vella.

Those visiting the Qormi Wine Festival may be able to purchase a custom-made wine glass, with the Qormi Wine Festival logo, to be specifically launched in this edition, for the price of 10 euros. The wine glass, which will be theirs to keep, will entitle the bearer to savour unlimited wine from those on offer.

All food may be bought at 6 euros each. For dessert, local imqaret may be bought.

Entrance to the wine festival is free of charge. While wine will be served only to those over 17 years of age, youngsters may join in the celebratory feel through non-alcoholic beverages to be sold from a separate stall.

Parking will be freely reserved in the vicinity while direction signs will lead traffic to Qormi from Zebbug, Santa Venera, Hamrun and Birkirkara areas.

During the seventh edition of the Qormi Wine Festival, several exhibitions will be put up, as will competitions that have become a favourite with wine enthusiasts and flower-arrangers. Fringe activities will start a week before the actual festival date, kicking off by the now popular wine exhibition that will be held in the St George’s Parish surroundings in a centuries’ old building previously used as a mill.

The Qormi Wine Festival is once again organised by the Kumitat Festi Esterni San Gorg Martri, Qormi (AD 1919) in collaboration with the Qormi Local Council.

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Dates are from 31 August till 1 September 2012
Time from 8pm to midnight
Venue at Qormi