The Myth - latest single ‘Tonight

12 STEPS 400 hundred years later

An epic timefest journey. Directed by Amina Contin.

From an idea of Alessandro Riccio. Costumes and Makeup Doris and Joseph Bugeja.

This unique interactive experience will involve a game-performance where the public will be free to choose whether to actively take part or passively observe the scattered around the Citadel. The characters are fourteen in all. They range from Queen Victoria to Sir Adrian Dingli, from the Pirate, to the Knight of Malta and include abstract themes like Death itself.

The game starts with a prisoner who is locked up in the prisons of the Citadel accused on trumped up charges of having conspired against Queen Victoria and is handed a death sentence by hanging to be carried out at dawn. The poor man is distraught and desperate. He is given a final chance - if he can find someone that will unlock a set of riddles he will be spared. These riddles will only be unlocked by the enigmatic characters that come to life in the Citadel at night. As desperate as he is, he will besiege visitors to solve the riddles for him. There is only one way - that of going around the Citadel and find the characters that can solve these riddles. The prisoner will provide participants with a map of the Citadel and implore them to help him. But this is no easy feat as the characters once found will not easily part away with their secrets. The participant has to understand, guess or do something to arrive to the answers. Each time the participant solves the riddle s/he is given a symbol. Once all the symbols are collected and the riddles solved then the prisoner is spared. But beware; only the brave ones can complete it all. Once a winner is declared s/he is given a prize by the prisoner for saving his life.

The game-performance will be set in the English language and is open to all ages and nationalities.

For more information please contact the Victoria Local Council on 

Dates are 21,28 Sept 5, 12, 19 Oct 2012
Time at 8.30pm
Venue at the Cittadella, Victoria Gozo