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Book Launch - Il-Princep tal-Warda Bajda

FoxyNixy Productions’ drama series Il-Princep tal-Warda Bajda is in the limelight once again. Following the drama series’ debut on television two years ago, the novel written by Liliana Risiott was launched a few days ago, at Centru Familja Mqaddsa, Msida.

In theatrical ambience the novel was presented to the public  in narrative by the young “prince” himself together with video clips ftom the tv production and an animation team in costume interacted with the audience, bringing the main characters in the story to life.

The author produced and directed the event to a script she wrote for the occasion. She managed to capture the audience and keep everyone on edge, waiting for the next thing to happen. The was laughter, a couple of tears and some tension too as the actors turned up from nowehere to the surprise of those present.

In a 45 minute presentation, “Il-Princep” ably portrayed by 11 year old David Dimech spoke to the audience about his story, bringing a tear to their eyes as he related his accident and the turbulent relationship between his parents. And then he spoke of the legends his father reads to him at his hospital bed. He spoke of Hasan, the Turk that kidnapped Marija, Karmnu the deilnuent that stole the gold necklace, Theresa the nun who fell in love with a soldier and the Grand Master who was in search of the golden calf.

Throughout the presentation, gypsy dancers and belly dancers took the stage while Katrin Risiott accompanied by Lara Dimech on the guitar, sang Greensleeves to Maltese lyrics written as part the story.

The animation was made possible with the collaboration of Tal-Banda Troupe, a carnival prize winning company.

Minister for Education and Employment, Dolores Cristina was among the numerous guests.

Il-Prinċep tal-Warda Bajda is a novel in Maltese aimed at adolescent and adult readers and should be of particular interest to students in pre-secondary and early secondary years since it includes a number of Maltese legends and others hailing from mediterran countries which are part of the school syllabus. The book also has a glossary.