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Festa tal-Hobz and Lejl f Casal Fornaro

The old streets of Citta Pinto will be transformed into what they once were hundreds of years ago during the Knights’ period by means of a folkloristic ambiance, as well as traditional decorations and adornments.

Apart from this, the main attractions will surely be the different entertainment stages spread out throughout the activity, each one offering live drama, Maltese traditional songs (including Ghana), marches from numerous Maltese bands, and shows by established singers and top local talent. For the fifth consecutive year, the world-war two shelter beneath the police station, which was cleaned and opened for the public by the organisers, is also going to be exhibited, together with another shelter underneath the statue of St. Paul.

Another activity is going to be held on the eve of the activity, on the 14th September. Named ‘Festa ta’ Ħobz’ (Bread festival) this activity will portray the traditions of bread-making and the focus will be on bread itself. Indeed, on that night one will find a huge ‘bezzun’ of 100 meters long, which will be sold in aid of Community Chest Fund. There will also be live entertainment by the band Airport Impressions.

Ultimately, ‘Lejl f’Casal Fornaro’ is an opportunity to discover most of the Maltese culture and traditions in just one night, a night in Casal Fornaro.

Dates is Friday, 14 and Saturday 15 September, 2012
Time at 7pm

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