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INDIGO with her completion of her third album

After a bit less than two years from the finishing of the second music album of the local artist, singer-songwriter Marvic 'Indigo' Lewis by the name of ''These Are The Roots'', the time has had come for a new production of another 10 tracks and the completion of a third Album under her artistic projects name 'Indigo Darkpsych'.

On Monday the 17th of September 2012 all work was completed on this album which consists of  7 original tracks written by Indigo herself and two other tracks co-written with the guitarist and recording engineer, David Depasquale and one cover version of the foreign song ''Serial Thrilla'', a track from the Album ''The Fat Of The Land'' by the English and internationally famous band 'The Prodigy'.

Being a great fan of such a name and many other bands which mix Rock music with electronic sounds and beats, she has had continuously aspired to formulate her own fusion by mixing sub-genres of music and experimenting with different ways of song-writing and production and this time round she got way even closer to where she wants to get to.

The song-writing and production of this 'Indigo' third album started in February of this year along side David Depasquale who took care of three different instruments which are heard on this CD. Depasquale is also the main guitarist of this project/band, as well as the person who recorded and mixed all the material. Together with the guitarist 'Kurt Pace' and the drummer 'Daniel Said' he also performed the two gigging events that Indigo played at this Summer featuring these new tracks, one of which is now being played on Bay Radio.

The visuals and artwork direction was once again in Marvic's hand, in collaboration with Mike Sammut, (Adonis Art) and another two young photographers by the name of John Gauci and Reuben Fenech Laudi. This new album by the name of  'All That Remains' will be on sale at the most central local Record Stores between the end of this month and the beginning of the next.

Marvic thanks from her heart all the persons who took part in the making of this album and invites all 'Indigo', Rock and Electronic music fans alike to buy a copy of it as its a limited edition release here in Malta and will be having a worldwide physical release sometime till the first quarter of 2013. More information is to be found on and