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LOTTO Weight Management Course

Following the success of previous weight management courses, and taking on board feedback from previous participants, the upcoming Weight Management Course will include regular group fitness sessions for 10 weeks.

A detailed nutrition and exercise plan - written just for you by experienced personal trainer, pharmacist and nutritionist Jessica Ghigo, individual fitness support for real results, regular weighing and measuring sessions to help chart your progress, and a full 10 week membership of Cynergi Health and Fitness club.

Weekly email bulletins from Jessica will include interesting and relevant topics such as Fat Loss vs Weight Loss, Dealing with Cravings, Hydration, Cooking Ideas, How to incorporate Fitness for the Rest of your Life and much more.

The Weight Management Course aims to get you the real results you are looking for, with ongoing support from industry professionals, rather than just internet and email correspondence.

Sessions will take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with a special Welcome Session on the evening of Wednesday 3, October 2012.

In addition to the above, participants will also receive a complimentary welcome pack – all for just 175 euros.  Spaces are limited, and interested persons are encouraged to contact Cynergi Health and Fitness Club to avoid disappoint. 

For more information or to book your space, call 2371 0700 today, or email .

Closing date for applications strictly 26th September 2012.