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Marsaskala Nights

The whole concept of the three day activity titled Iljieli Skalin is to foster up knowledge and information regarding the origin and the use of Salt and salt pans found in the locality.  There will also be  historical facts regarding the building of a Tower St Thomas, and the Tower of  Mamo at Marsaskala.

The cultural activities are scheduled to be held in front of St Thomas Tower, around which one can find hundreds of salt pans.  Also, during the three days there will be various exhibitions in the historical Tower of St Thomas.  

The Cultural Programme:-

Friday 7th from 6pm onwards
Dancing, piano playing and choirs singing, will start at about 7.30 pm

Saturday 8th from 6pm onwards
Another dancing and singing Exhibition by DREAMS Group will start at 8pm
Nearby Salt pans will be illuminated by fjakkoli
A Video presentation regarding the still worked on, salt pans in Malta and Gozo

Sunday 9th from 9am till afternoon
Re-Enactment by the Malta Tourism Authority re-enactors known as In Guardia which usually is held at St Elmo
Dancers from the MKLeisure will exhibit various dances

During the activities a fun train will take passengers to various historical buildings in Marsaskala.

Dates from 7 October till 9 October, 2012
Venue at Marsaskala


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