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The Third Annual 24 hour Charity Games Marathon Returns

This year players will raise much-needed funds for The Island Sanctuary and Gozo SPCA.
Saturday 29 September will see the return of the popular 24-Hour Games Marathon in Naxxar. Having successfully raised thousands of Euro for cancer charities in 2010 and 2011, this year’s event will be dedicated to securing funds for animal charities – specifically The Island Sanctuary and Gozo SPCA.

Participants will spend the 24-hour stretch playing a range of board and card games – as well as a 24-hour poker tournament, having already secured individual sponsorships for their efforts.

“There is a brilliant buzz about the event,” says Polly March, who has organised it in her Naxxar home for the past two years. “It’s a lot of fun but is always for a good cause. So far we’ve raised over €8,000 for the Malta Hospice Movement, and this year we hope to generate some much-needed funds for our furry friends.”

Those keen to take part are welcome to contact Polly on for more information. Meanwhile, anyone who can’t make it is invited to sponsor one of the participants or to make a donation to the charities concerned using the following details -

HSBC Bank Republic Street Victoria Gozo
HSBC Bank Account -  SPCA (GOZO) Sort Code:  44-071
Account Number -  071089122001
IBAN Code -  MT43MMEB44716000000071089122001
Swift Code -  MMEBMTMT

HSBC Bank Account 0561 2282 3001
BOV Bank Account 158 0568 4014
SMS Donation lines - 50617368  -  2.33euros, 50618082  -  4.66euros, 50618935  -  6.99euros

“This is just a great way of having a wonderful time while doing a good thing,” Polly adds. “After all, who doesn’t like a good game? The more the merrier so please do get in contact and come along for a round or 20!”