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Airport Impression Back in Sweden

Popular local rock band 'Airport Impressions' announced that following a string of local live performances during the summer months they have been reconfirmed as the headline act to perform at the ‘Race and Rock’ Festival at the ‘Tierp Arena’ in Sweden. The Arena which is one of the most modern drag racing arenas in Europe was inaugurated last year via a live concert by Airport Impressions and will now be turned into a Rock Festival venue hosting a number of other Swedish Bands. The concert will be held on Saturday 29th of September and will be part of the band's Swedish Mini Tour including daily performances from Friday 27th to Monday 1st October in Stockholm and its surrounding cities. The mini tour will also feature on Swedish television and radio stations throughout their stay.

Jagged House director Howard Keith said, “It’s a pleasure to have a local band reconfirmed for an even bigger event in a country with such expertise in the music industry. This proves that the band has matured as one of the best home grown live acts and we are pleased to continue extending its show to foreign shores.’

Meanwhile, the Band’s acclaimed debut album ‘Minutes of a Lifetime’ was released on ITunes and other popular digital distributors as well as published through Sony Atv through Jagged House and Albam Records.

Following this tour the Band will re-embark to continue recording its second album which is expected for release next year.

More information is available on or the Band’s official facebook page.

Photography by Allen Venables.