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An exotic journey from the Mediterranean all the way to the Arabian lands and experience a culture renowned for its decadent celebrations.

Entrance is 5 euros per person and you will be greeted by an Arabian speciality cocktail to entice your senses as you enter the venue which will be magically transformed for the evening into an oasis of Arabian luxury.

The evening will be flowing with live themed entertainment, from the daring, majestic and beautiful Fire displays from the talented 'Fire Dragon Performers', mesmerizing and elegant Belly Dancing performances, and the vibrant and exciting music from Dum Tak Oriental Percussionist covering the basic Arabic Rhythms and different Tabla sounds.

Arabian themed Platters, dishes and drinks will be available to purchase throughout the evening... full menu coming soon.

We invite you to dress in your best Arabian styles and join us for a unique evening full of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes and flavours of Arabiana.

Date is Saturday 27 October, 2012
Venue at Buskett Roadhouse
Time at 9pm