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Another shocking satire will be unravelled on stage. Inspired by their friendly neighbours, hilarious stories, political chit chats and various encounters, Zoo presents ZOO AS YOU LIKE IT.

Accompanied by the hilarious tunes, interactive theatrical elements, and wild characters, Zoo will revive the Maltese humour once again, like never seen before.

‘Zoo As you like it‘ is based on anything that looks, sounds or smells ridiculously funny, ranging from the audience to the most prominent people on the island. (I apologize about that but you have to be warned) You would never guess what these people have in mind.

Written by Chrysander Agius, Zoo will host some remarkable characters in their own right and considered pretty much vital in making us realize how important it is to take things lightly sometimes.

So come along break free from you daily things to do list and save the date.  We guarantee you will have the laugh of your life.

Dates are 27, 28 October, 2, 3 and 4 November 2012
Venue at City Theatre Valletta
Doors open at 8pm

Recommended for 16 year olds and up.

Tickets available from your nearest outlets and