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Buffi tal-Kummiedja

ALL THE WORLD IS A CIRCUS, and all the men and women can be clowns.

Dwal Godda Theatre Group presents BUFFI TAL-KUMMIEDJA – Circus Clowns, a new two-act production penned by Martin Gauci, at the Gharghur Theatre to be shown on Saturday 17th November at 7.30pm and Sunday 18th November at 6.30pm.

This production shows that it is not that easy to see where the barier between farce and comedy can be drawn. But theatre helps us wonder about why we insist on comparing our everyday life to a tragedy.

Peter and Rose decide to devide their house in three - PETRO FLATS. What they do not know beforehand is that they are going to rent one flat to two working as animators in a hotel and the other to two crafty gozitan university students.

It seems that all hell breaks loose pulling down the neighbourhoods walls. Emily, their neighbours daughter slowly but surely becomes convinced that a Clown and a Scarecrow visit her when her parents are at loggerheads.

It is difficult to describe the diffrence between make-belief and magic in theatre especially when reality as we live it keeps interfereing.

Peter insists that one thing is certain - this life or circus would be more bearable if we were accept to live it and not ACT it as clowns and the most difficult task is to bring out a smile in others when one is heart-broken.

BUFFI TAL-KUMMIEDJA promises to be a breath of fresh air in our Island fringe theatre this season.
This production is intended by DWAL GODDA as a tribute to Fr Peter Seracino-Inglott who always admired the groups sincerity in its productions.

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