Calling All

After some amazing years organising and collaborating with other local djs, It is now time to explore the musical feel.  Neil Pantos will be hosting four exclusive events in a year all under one header - Calling All. This defines Gathering, meeting all for one purpose - MUSIC.

The events will be based on a quality of electronic music which varies from deep house to techno, targeting a specific niche market of music lovers longing for an inviting night much different than the usual ones.
Local djs for the night are going to be carefully selected to complement the night.

The first edition will be featuring Neil Pantos - 3hr Set, DJs Miss Roberta, Audiofreak and Glenn Frantz.

This event is not based on any type or sort of theme. People who choose to be part of the night will only do so for the music and the vibe created.

Tickets at 10 euros will be out soon.

Date is Saturday 17 November, 2012
Venue at Playground Sky, Paceville
Time from 10.30pm