The Myth - latest single ‘Tonight

Flash Promotions 5th Anniversary Remix Party

Flash Promotions are back and as usual with new ideas and originality, this time we thought of an idea and said why not play the music at the club which we usually dont play with a touch of clubbing at the same time. And we came out with the Remix Party for our 5th Anniversary. Yeh as the name says it all, we are going to play remix songs of Old Stuff like our mamas and papas used to hear, and all that stuff which was not intended for clubbing but remixed to be adequate for a club.

The party will be held at Koyote Club Paceville on Saturday 15th December 2012.
Entrance Totally Free.

DJ DJ Noel Koyote Resident
DJ Laser Koyote Resident
DJ Aaron David

Special Guest is Malcolm B

Time at 9.30 till late

Special Offers from the Bar - Buy 1 Drink, and Get 1 Free from 11.00 till 12.00.

For more information, one can call on the Flash Promotions Direct Line 9991 9991 or one of the Flash Crew and we will be pleased to help you.

The gang of Flash Promotions would like to thank everyone for the support and courage you have shown us in these last 5 years.

Date is 15 December, 2012
Venue at Koyote Club