The Myth - latest single ‘Tonight

Generation Goth Second Edition

Nuwavemalta in conjunction with the Gothic Scene Malta presents the second edition of GENERATION GOTH atThe Voice Of A Generation, PACEVILLE, where the place will be transformed into a Bat Cavey ambient entangled with cobwebs and bats.  Pertaining Videos on the Walled Screen.  Open for those who love the dark side of the musical waves.

Deejays MOZZER - Reverb the rock show on ALLRock DAB and HADES Hades Events will be indulging the crowd with the sounds of New Wave, Dark 80s Post, Punk, deatrock, Darkwave, Gothic Rock, Electronic Body Music and Industrial Music.

Another synonymous Event by Nuwavemalta for the Gothic Scene Malta in a Bat Cave Atmosphere with Props and Decor.  Plus Gothic Videos on the X-Large Screen brought to you from the Scene to the Scene.

Tickets online at 4 Euros from
5 Euros at the door
Event Starts at 10 pm
Date is Saturday 17 November 2012
Venue at V-Gen