Sunday Lunch with a Twist

This event is organised as part of Next Door Family EU project.

Next Door Family EU is a project that aims to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere in which we can all learn about each others cultures to help us realise that we are not so different after all.  The aim is to create inclusive neighbourhoods and to celebrate the strength and beauty in diversity.  

On 18th November 2012, 20 separate lunches will take place across Malta.  Each lunch will have one Maltese family, one Non-EU family and a trained volunteer present to ensure a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
The Next Door Family project has been running successfully with incredibly positive results since 2004 in the Czech Republic by NGO Slovo21.  This year 8 European Union member states have joined together to create Next Door Family EU and more than 210 family lunches will take place across Europe on 18th November. The project is supported by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals.
We hope that this project will help us all to learn how to live together, not just next to each other and will create lasting friendships.

The families can choose to either host the meal or be a guest invited to the other family house.
This is a FREE of charge event.

Those persons interested to apply must log on before 10 November 2012. 

For more information feel free to send an email on or call on 99613869, 79699692.