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An Exhibition of Oils on Canvas by Armen Vahramyan

Love, Life and Pomegranates.

Who is Armen Vahramyan and above all what does his Art stand for?

To understand his work one needs to grasp the meaning behind what one observes, and to do this there is no better place to begin with than the land which bore him.

A land of great turmoil, and one which once reached from the Caspian to the Mediterranean Sea, it has now been reduced to a landlocked country, with much of its borders closed, and with its sacred mountain, Ararat, now lying just out of reach in their neighbour’s territories.

Communism, a decimating massacre early in the 20th century [Armenia and France accept it as genocide] the war with Azerbaijan and two massive earthquakes in the late 80’s have shaken the very soul of this cultured and enterprising people.

Armen’s works portray in a bold but colourful palette, using  mythological symbolism  [not least of which the revered Pomegranate] and with hidden subtelty the tragedies of his people which have marked his own life.

Armenia is the first Christian country on Earth, and so the life of Christ is also meticulously depicted in several works.

Armen Vahramyan’s aptness towards the creation of detail with the use of Oil as a medium leaves one breathless and eager to follow the journey through the 28 pieces exhibited .

Armen Vahramyan was born on October 5th 1968 in the village of Ardvi, in the region of Armenia bordering the Republic of Georgia.  He graduated from the Yerevan Fine Arts College in 1989 and from the Yerevan Institute of Fine Arts and Theatre in 1994, becoming a member of the Artists’ Union of Armenia in the year 2000.

Chronology of Personal Exhibitions :

1998 Barcelona Spain, 1999 New York USA, 1999 Zherona Spain, 2001 Amsterdam Holland,
2006 Glasgow Scotland, 2007 Paris France, 2008 Yerevan Armenia, 2009 & 2010 New York USA

One can visit Armen Vahramyan exhibition at the SO Galerie, in Iklin until the 6th February 2013.  Opening hours:- Monday to Friday from 10am till 1pm, 4pm till 7pm. Saturdays only mornings.  Also other appointments can be arranged on 9942 4020.

Visits between Monday 24 December 2012 and Monday 7 January 2013 only by appointment.