Clinton Paul releases Christmas Eve

29 year old Pop Singer Clinton Paul has just released a brand new single for the festive season called Christmas Eve. With preparations in due course to finish and release his upcoming second Studio Album set for a June 2013 release, Clinton Paul has been busy in the studio to work on this very special Christmassy track.

I love Christmas. I am nearly 30 but always become a little kid again when December comes. Its totally crazy. My new song Christmas Eve has always been in the back of my mind and finally its out there for people to hear and also to download – said Clinton Paul.

This new single was released Saturday 1st December 2012. It is available for download from various download internet portals and is also being played on various radio stations. An innovative move was that this song was released through an interactive calendar called December Interactive. This interactive calendar lets fans unlock various surprises installed for the present month.

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