The Myth - latest single ‘Tonight


An artistic exhibition of colour drawings on paper by Artist Liliana Fleri Soler.

Ħemda is word of semitic origin meaning ‘stillness and silence’. 

It is in such moments that we are inspired, when we are one with our inner being while our mind is still.  It is here that beauty and creativity excel.

In this collection of 21 works, Liliana Fleri Soler expresses her life journey in 2012.  Since the launch many a person have remarked of having felt a melancholy and even a slight heaviness in these works.  Is this a negative aspect in her or better still in art in general?

Most works of Art of repute, or let us say the ones most easily rememberd by all walks of life, do bear in fact some form of pain.  Try to think of the one that comes up first in your mind.  In other words they are certainly not happy chappy pictures.  But is this in fact such a negative thing after all?

It is through some form of crises or tough time, that we evolve and are reborn.  This is the aspect Liliana explores through the works of this collection.

While journeying through the 21 works, if you do feel some heaviness then the Artist has in fact reached her objective; but do linger a little longer as mingled with the colours and the figures one can also encounter the solutions.

About the Artist :

Liliana Fleri Soler was born in Malta and is a graduate of the University of Malta. In 1996 she decided to give up her teaching career and devote her energy to art. She is primarily a self-taught artist whose work delves into imagery derived from the human situation and is expressed through painting, sculpture and assemblage.

One can visit Liliana Fleri Soler’s exhibition at Hotel Juliani’s Lobby, St Julian’s until the end of January 2013.