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Mqabba Live Crib

The Youth Section of Mqabba St Mary Band Club is organising a Live Crib, in the quiet village of Mqabba which is found in the south of Malta.  The Live Crib is set with spectacular scenes will include 100 participants all dressed in period customs, a stream and different types of animals within 1,400 square meters of farmland.  The land will be given a traditional Maltese village look giving it a three-dimensional perspective.

The Live Crib will be open from Friday 21st to Friday 28th December between 5.30pm and 9.00pm in Hal-Kirkop Road which is adjacent to St.Mary Convoy Street, Mqabba Bypass.  An animated Christmas narration will be delivered twice every evening at and  .00pm. The narration will take about 30 minutes from the census to the visit by the three wise men. Visitors will be able to go around the Crib to have a closer look at the various animators living the traditional life together with their animals.

The Live Crib is being made possible through the participation of the 100 youths and a large number of organisers from the Youth Section of Saint Mary within the Society of Saint Mary and King George V Band Club, all giving their time and expertise on a voluntary basis.

The Live Crib is expected to be the largest Crib in the Maltese Islands attracting to it large numbers of local and foreign visitors as experienced two years when the Youth Section of Saint Mary organised a much smaller Crib. One of the Cribs we organised, way back to 2007, won the competition for the best Live Cribs organised by the Malta Council for Culture and Arts.

Whilst all input by the volunteers and animators is free, the setting up of the Crib still involves a large amount of funds amongst other the provision of costumes and other resources including building the structures and lighting and water.

The Life Crib will be accessible to wheel chair bounded visitors.

The official opening of the event will take place on the 21st December 2012 with a musical concert given by the King George V Band Club under the Patronage of the Prime Minister of Malta, Dr. Lawrence Gonzi.