Andre Herman Dune Live in Malta

Stanley Brinks aka. Andre Herman Dune will perform live in Malta together with Freschard and local band Stalko.

Stanley Brinks was formerly Andre Herman Dune of the French/Swedish folk rock band Herman Dune. Founding member of the trio Herman Dune exchanges his new identity with the name Stanley Brinks. Stanley accidentally stumbled upon our shores last year, were he fell in love with the island and wrote many songs whilst being here, some of which have a Malta theme feature in his latest album named Hafna Xita. He had a busy year touring with the likes of Jeffrey Lewis, The Wave Pictures, The Kanics etc.

Freschard is a female singer songwriter from French Burgundy who will be performing a positive and uplifting set.

Stalko will also be gracing the stage to perform one of their legendary acoustic shows. These local heroes need no introduction.

Note - Kazin San Gejtanu is in the main street of Hamrun, just one block away from the church.

Date is 19 January 2013
Venue at Kazin San Gejtanu, Hamrun
Entrance is 10 euros
Doors open at 8.30pm