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Miss World Malta 2013

Twenty-five contestants where chosen to be the finalist to represent different localities in Malta and Gozo will contest in Miss World Malta which is due to be held on the 27 April 2013 at The Hilton.

Sue Rossi and Claudia Calleja under the organization of Modelle International will be responsible for organizing this local prestigious event.

Auditions have started few months ago by interviewing different girls which finally were selected as finalists to take part in the final night. It was most important that all participants selected by having background of education and good personality.

Miss World Jersey Ltd organizers of Miss World pageant will only select the winner by choosing good values and personality winner.

This year Modelle International will be also organizing a charity event under - Beauty with a Purpose, since Miss World is also well known for helping World wild children charities and Variety Clubs International. This was created by Julia Morley - Chairman of Miss World Jersey Ltd, 26 years ago.  All funds raised from tickets sales or donations of the charity events are entirely donated to the underprivileged and handicapped children.

All this year participants will be involved in taking part in this event later on during the month of May.

The contestants will have the opportunity to appear on the Fashion and Beauty TV Programme - Miss World Malta – Indonesia Edition presented by Claudia Dalli and produced by Modelle International. The program will also featured on Net TV presenting various photo shoots and other education features related to Fashion and Beauty.

The highlights of this event will be the final night of Miss World Malta were the winner will be selected to represent Malta in the finals of Miss World this year to be held in Indonesia, with Bali and Jakarta chosen as joint hosts.  It will be the first time that a Miss World event has been held in Indosanis and will  meet  more than 130 other countries for the largest Beauty Pageant held for the last past 62 years.