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Daughter of the Nile - An art exhibition by Bernice Buhagiar

The art exhibition – ‘Daughter of the Nileby the young and upcoming artist Bernice Buhagiar, brings alive tales of a land of mystery and magic - Egypt.  A land different from all others, difficult to understand, apart and alien, yet strangely fascinating.

As the name of the exhibition suggests, Egypt was considered to be the gift of the Nile, full of life and charm. Like a child depending on its mother, Egypt depended on the annual Inundation- the rising of the Nile. Should this fail, Egypt faced starvation. Therefore, with death always so near, the Ancient Egyptians developed an obsession about the Land of the Dead and death itself.

From the Pharaohs and the ornate Pyramids in which they were buried, the enchanting Nile, Isis- mistress of the gods, to Hathor- Lady of Love, Bernice brings alive the alluring Egyptian mythology. Her artwork is an expressive, colourful, imaginative and vibrant trip through which one encounters the gods and goddesses worshipped in Ancient Egypt, reliving the dazzling tales which were handed down and hardly ever changed.
The artist makes use of the female figurative to metaphor these enthralling tales of gods, magic and adventure. Bernice’s duality of light and darkness in her character finds its balance in her artistic expression, which she refers to as “an intimate journey.” The result is compassionate yet strong at the same time. Bernice is an eclectic person full of deep thoughts and swings of emotions. As she confesses, art is the very air that she breathes and the blood which runs in her veins: “Art is the reality which keeps me alive.”
Moreover, Bernice expresses herself through writing, which one can read and ponder on while savouring her artwork. Her poetry serves as a vehicle of thought and reflection, guiding the audience to the destination intended for them- that of connecting themselves to Bernice’s art.
The artist’s aim for her audience is to relish the oldest stories in the world, which echo tantalising glimpses from the lost world of Ancient Egypt. Getting to know about the past is a way of understanding ourselves now. Aren’t we the same? Or different?
‘Daughter of the Nile’ will be held at CapoTavola Restaurant on Marsascala promenade, from Friday 15 March till end of April 2013. This exhibition is put up in collaboration with CapoTavola Restaurant and Art Gallery and sponsored by Charts Investment Management Service Ltd and Farsonsdirect.
For more details regarding opening hours and days kindly visit artist’s website or find CapoTavola or Bernice Buhagiar on Facebook.