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In-Nisa Maltin Jafu Kif

Clare Azzopardi new play is as provocative as the title implies depending how adventurous you want to be. What happens when six Maltese women lie to their husbands and secretly meet in an abandoned chapel in the middle of nowhere to conduct a ritual that involves costumes used in Good Friday pageants and a couple of Male strippers. Let your imagination soar and you will never guess the outcome.

Marcelle Teuma directs this brilliant new play by one of Malta most prolific writers whose assignment was to write a play about the meaning of being a Maltese woman in 2013. What was obvious when she submitted her first draft was that here was the work of genius, maturity, and brilliant craft. 8 months and four drafts later the play stands as one of the most original theatrical works in the history of Maltese theatre. Clare work is provocative, hilarious and does not shy from dipping into naughty sacrilege. Its not for the squeamish.

The cast includes some of the strongest female actors around. With Marta Vella, Magda Van Kullenburg, Maria Cutajar, Marilu Vella, Sharon Bezzina, and Coryse Borg. Claudio Carta winds up this great cast.

Date is 22 March 2013
Time at 8pm
Venue at 115 Old Theatre Street, VLT 1426 Valletta, Malta Teatru Manoel