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Ma Kienitx Tigiega

Following the success of Kantanapoli, Valletta Dramatic Company (VDC) will now present Ma Kienitx Tigiega, a comedy by Anthony Lesser adapted for the Maltese theatre by Frank Ganado. This will be staged at the Manoel Theatre.

Ma Kienitx Tigiega was last staged by VDC 10 years ago. It now has a new cast, except for George Micallef who will be playing a different role.

The story revolves round a woman, whose husband is frequently abroad for work. Going through his luggage she finds women underwear. Clearly they are not hers and this creates tension between the two. She decides to take the kids and go to live with his parents. The father tries his best to help them out.

In the meantime, he confides all with his best friend who lives in the same street. They decide to order a chicken meal… that is delivered by a beautiful young woman.

And this results in further complications.

The cast of Ma Kienitx Tigiega includes George Micallef, John Suda, Simon Curmi, Renato Dimech, Angele Cristina u Catherine Mifsud.

The play is directed by John Suda.

Ma Kienitx Tigiega will be staged on Saturday 16 February at 7.30pm at Sunday 17 February at 6.30pm.

Booking from Teatru Manoel on 21246389 or call on 21234555 / 99429447.
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